Week 10

how i wrote my research article analysis.  I chose an article that really related to my research paper and that i am actually currently using as a source for my paper.  First thing i did was made sure that i read and understood the article that i was doing the analysis, i read through it a couple of times and made sure also that i could do a simple summary on it.  Next i took a look at a couple of the sources that was used to produce the article and also see if i could find out some more information on the writer of the article.   After piecing some information together i went ahead and decided ahead of time whether the information seemed credible and if the writer seemed to know his stuff.  I think i did a pretty good job analyzing the article but most of the problem i think i had was figuring out what i had to really do to make the analysis make a lot of sense.  If i did not do that right then ill probably end up with a bad grade only because of this.  All together im pretty sure that i did a great job with the information and makng sure i didnt miss any information.  I’m pretty sure that i could have done the best job if i would have taken a little more time on the analysis and been able to turn in a rough draft for more feedback on my work.

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